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We are passionate about leadership development and building high performing teams. 


Gartner recently published a report on the 2023 top HR priorities that leadership effectiveness is their number 1 priority. Over the many years I have been training, coaching and facilitating, I have observed that leaders are promoted into their roles based on their technical capability and not their leadership experience. They are essentially put in a position of sink or swim. Many organisations can’t or don’t invest in developing their people. 


The research further supports this. When do you think most managers commence their leadership training? Intuitively, you would presume it to be early in their leadership careers. On average, leaders move into their first position between the ages of 30–35 but they don’t complete leadership training, on average, until 40–45—that’s ten years after they started in their leadership positions (Zenger, 2012).  

A study by Lacerenza, et al. (2017) found that leaders that have undergone leadership training had a: 

  • 25% increase in organizational outcomes  

  • 25% increase in learning 

  • 20% increase in overall job performance  

  • 28% increase in leadership behaviors  

  • 8% climb in subordinate performance  


Amplify your leadership impact and empower your team, so that you can develop the capabilities you need to be high performing. 

At Thriving Culture we have developed a number of ways to build leadership capability and high performing teams.


We do this through:


Thriving Leaders Program




Leadership Development


Thriving Teams





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