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Tailored Programs to Uplift Leadership Capability in your Organisation

At Thriving Culture we design leadership development programs to build the relevant capabilities that you need to develp in your organisation. We create tailored programs to suit your business objectives, culture and the capabilities most needed to be developed.  

Sessions can be full day, half day, 2 hour or 90mins, face to face or virtual. 

The focus of our leadership development programs is to build leadership capability for high performance. We design learning that delivers lasting behavioural change, focused on your organisation’s leadership capabilities and values, using evidence-based insights combined with practical models and applications to embed learning. 

Leaders tend to focus on productivity gains through new tools and processes; however, much waste in organisations is due to poor leadership and conversations that were never had or were poorly handled. The investment in leadership development will lead to a more productive organisation, improved performance, more engaged employees and a more profitable business.

Previous training sessions we have facilitated include: 

Authentic Leadership 

  • Understand natural personality preferences (using Facet5)  

  • Understand your values, purpose and strengths 

  • Impact of leadership style on others  

  • Discover your authentic leadership style 

High Performing Teams

  • What it takes to build a high performing team  

  • How to build trust with your team 

  • Examine team dynamics – personality styles and inter-generational teams  

  • Develop positive leadership strategies for greater team impact 

Feedback Cultures 

  • Learn how to effectively deliver actionable feedback 

  • Tools for difficult conversations  

  • Understand how you naturally receive feedback  

  • Your role in creating a feedback culture 

Leader as Coach 

  • Understand the different roles of a manager  

  • What is coaching, when to apply to empower and develop your team  

  • Principles of effective solution focused coaching  

  • How to coach in the moment 


  • Understand how to connect employees to purpose  

  • Effectively communicate with your team – understanding different styles  

  • Consider the types of conversations you have with your teams  

  • Communicate with influence and impact

Managing People Through Change 

  • Understand the change curve  

  • Use the influence model to understand how to lead change  

  • Manage conversations and communications through change  

  • Manage uncertainty when you yourself are going through change 


  • Clarity on how to hold your team accountable  

  • Set clear expectations with hybrid teams

  • Apply a goal setting framework in practice 

  • Review your operating rhythm

Effective Decision Making 

  • Ability to question, analyse a problem and use judgement  

  • Understand the rationale for a solution and reasoned evidence to support   

  • Explore hidden assumptions and biases   

  • Apply different decision-making models in practice 

Resilient Leadership 

  • How to enable a resilient culture  

  • How to apply positive psychology principles  

  • Avoid burnout 

  • Your health and wellbeing

 I know some of you will be keen to understand the return on investment (ROI), so here are some facts and figures. Research from GBS Corporate Training (2017) states that productivity is decreased by 5–10% due to poor leadership, which can cost organisations millions each year. This is in addition to a 7% loss in annual sales. Better leadership can attribute to a 9–32% reduction in voluntary turnover. And according to a recent study, the cost to recruit has doubled to $23,860 per employee—proof that turnover is costly (Wightman, 2022).

DDI reports that one poor leader costs a company more than $126,000 annually due to low productivity, turnover and staff disengagement. People leave a boss, not a job. In fact, an industry trends study suggests seven out of ten employees quit their boss rather than their company (Williams, 2022).  

We know that the more engaged an employee, the more productive and higher performing the organisation. Gallup reports that the single biggest reason that employees are not engaged is poor leadership. 


It’s time to step up and invest in the  leadership skills within your organisation.  

Please get in touch to discuss how we can design a program to uplift the leadership capability in your organisation. 

Case Study - CEO Masterclass

CEO Masterclass 

Thriving Culture developed and facilitated a 10-month leadership development program for 16 Byron Bay CEO’s. This was an initiative that was funded by AusIndustry to support their Entrepreneurs’ Programme.


The program produced some phenomenal results: 


Average Net Promoter Score from participants on the CEO Masterclass


Improvement in feeling adequately trained and suitably skilled to be the leader their business demands


Improvement in providing regular feedback on performance


Improvement in readily addressing underperformance


Uplift in spending time on strategic or leadership tasks


Overall improvement in their leadership as a CEO

Happy Participants


Will Brook



The CEO Masterclass has impacted my leadership by really giving me implementable tools, that had an immediate positive impact. As a group we were able to be candid and honest with each other about where we sat in our business and where our businesses sat, the things we needed to learn. Having those peers to talk to has been incredible.

Mahdi Chardi



I have found this program to be one of the most effective training I have had in my business journey. It is hands-on and practical.

Mason Taylor



The surprising part about the course was the comradery. And to be honest, the retention rate - how everyone stayed engaged. Like, really engaged…It was a really content rich course and I’m probably going to have two years of implementation coming to me, but the best thing was, I realised, okay this is my job now…my job is to look for opportunity in all the issues in my organisation.


Diana Scott


Frontier Pets

It was thorough and extremely meaningful for our group's challenges and needs.  Extremely well curated and delivered. I learnt more from this class than I have over years of study.

Purposeful Leaders Program
Coroners Court of Victoria

Case Study - Coroners Court of Victoria

We delivered the Purposeful Leadership Program for the Coroners Court of Victoria. The objective was to build leadership capability for high performance, which was achieved through the strong results received from the program. The program used evidence-based insights combined with practical models and applications to embed learning. 

There was significant uplift in capability seen across all leadership capabilities, including: 



I am confident in my leadership ability


I feel adequately trained and suitably skilled to be the leader my business demands 


I am aware of my leadership style and how I work with others in the team



I readily give actionable feedback


I actively address underperformance in my team


I ask questions rather than tell (direct)


I effectively coach my team to grow their capabilities and take on new tasks

High-performing teams


I am clear with team members in what I expect from them in their role


I hold my team members accountable


I communicate clearly with my team


The team I lead is currently high performing

Happy Participants

Tofu (5)_edited.png


I commenced the program thinking I knew a lot and left feeling as though I know the lot. Looking forward to putting my learnings into practice. Thank you Claire.

Tofu (5)_edited.png


I will walk away from this training program a stronger and more confident leader.

Tofu (5)_edited.png


Before starting the Purposeful Leadership Program (PLP), I was a bit unsure about my leadership capabilities and style.  Through the PLP, I was able to gain insight into my natural leadership tendencies and consequent benefits and pitfalls to be aware of.  This has allowed me to better understand the needs and requirements of my staff.

Tofu (5)_edited.png


This people-centered and value-driven program equipped me with the practical tools and resources that I needed to become a more resilient, confident and judicious leader and manager. Ultimately, my participation in this program wasn't for was for the team I lead.

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