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Deliver real business outcomes

Claire facilitates workshops and masterclasses with small to large groups that deliver business outcomes. She works closely with her clients to develop sessions that are meaningful and meet the objectives of the organisation. The impact lasts beyond the session itself.


Claire is a highly skilled facilitator who uses her intuition and ability to read the room to get the best out of the group. Her knowledge and experience ensure that everything is said that needs to be and allows the group to move together to achieve a shared outcome. Her strong commercial acumen and understanding of culture and people ensures that multiple outcomes can be met in one session.

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Programs that we have facilitated include:

  • Strategy Sessions 

  • Operationalising Strategy 

  • Culture Workshops 

  • Purpose, Values and Behaviours 

  • Team Days 

  • All Team Conferences 

  • Career Development Planning Workshops 

Claire's energetic and authentic style allows her to quickly build trust and an empathetic environment, where participants feel safe to open up. This allows her to ask the challenging questions to push people out of their comfort zones. 

Claire's approach allows for deep reflection, interaction and drives actionable outcomes. Claire is passionate about building capability to be effective at work and in life.

Happy Clients

Tony Davies

Chief Executive Officer

Social Futures

Claire has an extraordinary ability to get the best out of teams and individuals.  She has worked closely with our Executive team to help us to perform and achieve at a high level in a complex and dynamic environment.  Her thorough knowledge and sophisticated facilitation has proven invaluable and we genuinely value our ongoing relationship.


Jimmy Stewart

Managing Director

JVAT Australia 

Working  with  Claire  at  Thriving  Culture  has  helped  us  not  only  expand  our  business  but  build  a  team  of  high  performing  consultants  that  are  in  demand.  Our  partnership  has  allowed  our  leadership  team  to  adapt  to  changing environments and grow both personally and professionally.


Louise O'Connell

General Manager

Byron Community Centre

Claire has been working with the Byron Community Centre for the last few years developing our leaders capability and helping us set the course for this 100 year old organisation. Claire facilitated a strategy session with the Board and Management team to develop our strategy and to operationalise a plan to achieve our strategy. This has helped to keep our teams focused on what is most important.

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