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Accelerate your journey with 1:1 support

We can all learn and develop to be the best versions of ourselves, coaching can help us gain broader perspectives and hold the mirror up to ourselves. Coaching is a great way to clarify your purpose and values and set meaningful goals towards the leader you want to be, the career you want to have and the live you want to lead. 

Claire's approach to coaching:

  • Strengths-based  

  • Challenges limiting beliefs  

  • Builds confidence  

  • Drives action  

  • Holds you accountable  

Working with clients face-to-face, over video or phone.  

Claire uses personality and strengths diagnostics to build self-awareness to build self-awareness. 

Each coaching program and session is tailored to meet your needs.


Claire has completed over 700 coaching hours and is accredited with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership and the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. Claire is well equipped to help you thrive. 


What goals would you like to achieve? 


Areas that Claire has worked with leaders on include: 

  • Become a more effective and confident leader 

  • Build self-awareness and understand how own style can impact others 

  • Build an empathetic leadership style 

  • Become a more assertive leader 

  • How to communicate more effectively 

  • Build your authentic leadership style 

  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence 

  • Work through business challenges and develop business strategy 

  • Develop your leadership presence 

  • Break free from impostor syndrome  

  • How to manage time more effectively 

Approach & Investment

Claire challenges and supports leaders to consider multiple perspectives and unlock potential. Each coaching session and program is tailored to meet your needs. 

  • 5 x 90min one-to-one coaching sessions over 3-6 months

  • 45-minute video call with sponsor dialing in for 20 minutes to confirm their aspirations from the coaching sessions

  • Coaching agreement to define goals and outcomes you wish to achieve from our coaching sessions 

  • Facet5 Personality Assessment profile and debrief to build self-awareness

  • VIA Character Strengths Survey to understand your values and strengths

  • Relevant leadership readings and activities between coaching sessions

  • Unlimited emails and phone calls between sessions

  • Includes a copy of Claire’s book, Thriving Leaders: Learn the Skills to Lead Confidently

$5750 + GST per person 


Facet5 personality profile is based on research done at Edinburgh University in the 1980s, using a Big5 model of personality, generally considered by psychologists to be the best way of understanding behaviour.

Reports use helpful, work-related, easy-to-read language, and produce the following components:  

  • An individual profile and report: describes individual behaviour and preferences  

  • The Family Portrait: compares the individual profile to one of 17 reference families  

  • Competence: individual strengths and areas for development against six competencies: leadership, interpersonal, communication, analysis & decision making, initiative & effort, planning & organising  

  • Leading Edge Guide to Leading: how to engage and manage someone to maximise engagement and job satisfaction  

  • Work Preferences: individual intrinsic motivators. 


Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that  make you feel authentic and engaged. You possess all 24-character strengths in different degrees, giving you a unique character strengths profile.  


Research shows that understanding and applying your strengths can help: 

  • Boost Confidence 

  • Increase Happiness 

  • Strengthen Relationships 

  • Manage Problems 

  • Reduce Stress 

  • Accomplish Goals 

  • Build Meaning and Purpose 

  • Improve Work Performance 


Discover your greatest qualities and begin using your strengths to build your best life. 


Happy Clients


Kristy Simmonds

Executive General Manager
Claro Aged Care

Claire was really an effective coach and I believe some of this is about the connection she created. Very relatable and a good listener, followed by options to consider in terms of approach and style. What was most valuable was the different strategies to solve different leadership challenges.


Triston O'Connor

Chief Technology Officer


Claire’s guidance and insight has been absolutely invaluable to my personal development journey over the last six months – I can’t credit her enough, many of the skills and techniques I’ll continue to employ on a daily basis.


Mathew Poile 

General Manager

Tweed Bait

Claire is very friendly and  extremely  knowledgeable. I  undertook a six session  leadership coaching sessions with Claire where I learned   new and invaluable   techniques that have helped  me  tremendously in my  profession. I would highly  recommend Claire’s services to anyone looking to hone their skills and advance their career.


Kylie Milne

Quality Manager Specialty Laboratory Services Organisation

Claire's coaching helped me in my new leadership role by providing the tools and information to better understand and utilise my natural strengths and to develop - and achieve - clear goals in areas requiring development. Throughout my work with Claire, and beyond, I have become a better leader through improved communication and being better able to face some of the challenges that come with leading a team.

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