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Build a High-Performing Effective Team

A high-performing team focuses on its common purpose and goals. Team members work together through strong relationships and shared accountability to deliver exceptional business results.  


The Thriving Team sessions are focused on the team’s effectiveness, as this will lead to high performance and help unify the organisation to meet the strategic goals. The sessions will focus on how to understand their own individual leadership styles to build self-awareness and understand how each team member operates, their shared value and how to get the best out of each other. Teams don’t operate in isolation. They are part of a complex adaptive system with external influences such as stakeholders. We develop positive leadership strategies for greater team impact that can be sustained by the team. We do this through working through real business challenges and applying research, frameworks and the Thriving Teams Model. 

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Thriving Teams Model

There are six fundamental components of a thriving team:


Why the team exists

  • Team purpose 

  • Meaningful work 


How the team works together

  • Psychological Safety 

  • Trust


What the team will achieve and by when

  • Clear direction 

  • Hold each other accountable 

  • Team Processes 

  • Togetherness 

Challenge and Support
  • Healthy Debate 

  • Learning 

  • Team  

  • Stakeholders 


A 6-session journey would generally be completed over 6-12 months. In my experience, in one session, you will see a lift and more awareness; in 3-4 sessions, you will see a shift in behaviour and ways of working; by session six, you will see sustained productive behaviours that flow through the organisation.  


My approach combines facilitation, leadership development and team coaching. The team coaching approach means the topics, order and what we discuss are guided by where the team is and what is most important. For example, a team may identify that collective decision-making is a blocker to their success, so we work with that as it is most important, rather than a pre-proposed schedule. 


We can be adaptable, many teams I work with are geographically dispersed, so shorter virtual sessions. Or a mixture of face-to-face and virtual works well too. 


  • 4-6 x full-day sessions to improve leadership team effectiveness and build a high-performing team.  

  • Facet5 Profile and debrief 

  • Interview with each team member to understand what is working well, and what can be improved with the team.  

  • TeamScape report.

  • Build self-awareness and understand personality styles to help the team build trust and improve working relationships and psychological safety.​ 

  • Use researched high-performing team practices and practical tools leaders can apply in their interactions and role model the expected leadership capabilities.​ 

  • Identify Leadership Team strengths, limitations, risks and challenges to gain collective actionable steps to improve their effectiveness.​ 

  • Work on real business challenges and priorities. This acts as the vehicle for action learning about new ways of working, communicating and getting things done. 

  • Define a team purpose that unifies the team.​ 

  • Effectively challenge and support each other, creating a culture of feedback and accountability.​ 

  • Hold each other accountable and gain alignment of their strategy and stakeholders.​ 

  • Develop leadership capability and improve ways of working with each other.  

  • Understand the leadership teams natural decision-making biases and impact of these.

Happy Clients

David T_edited.jpg

David Thomson

Executive Team

Social Futures

Excellent guidance with just the right amount of input into the sessions from Claire. Most presenters are full of their imagined awesomeness and wax lyrical, expecting us to worship...not in this case. It's a hard gig to pull off well. Well done, Claire. Looking forward to engaging with you more in future.  If  you  have  been  able  to  read  something  from  my  Facet5  prole,  it  is  that  I  don't  give  out  praise  often  and  am  normally vastly underwhelmed by presenters/consultants, especially in the leadership space. I'm too old and have been  around  for  too  long  and  have  heard  most  things  before!  So,  when  I  praise,  as  I  have,  it  puts  you  in  quite  special company.   I don't feel like most people deserve my praise so very well done. You present well and facilitate very well also. If you had an NPS, I would indeed be a promoter Thriving Culture 


Michael Leung


Balanced Earth

Thanks for yesterday, it was awesome. Pretty powerful, pretty heavy, pretty deep, really well facilitated. I really appreciate that.

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