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Learn the skills to lead confidently

When do you think most managers commence their leadership training? Intuitively, you would presume it to be early in their leadership careers. On average, leaders move into their first position between the ages of 30–35 but they don’t complete leadership training, on average, until 40–45—that’s ten years after they started in their leadership positions (Zenger, 2012).  

These leaders are left to observe what others have done and try to emulate their leadership. If they are lucky, they have a strong leader who can support them. Once they have completed leadership training, they must relearn new ways of leading and unlearn habits that have not been serving them. 


The Thriving Leaders program focuses on the core skills leaders need to manage their team effectively, to be high-performing. Thriving Leaders has been specifically designed to teach leaders the skills required to manage others and how to build a high-performing team. The program focuses on three core areas:  

  • Understanding Self and Others  

  • Empower and Develop Team  

  • Connect to Purpose 

Remaining 2024 Course Dates


Thursdays 1.00pm - 2.30pm

15th August - 26th September 2024

Investment $3,300 + GST

Who is the program for?

Are your days being filled with people issues, so you can’t focus on what you do best? Do you want to be an inspiring leader with a thriving team? 


If you answer yes to any of these questions, then our Thriving Leaders Program may be just right for you. 

This program is for: 

  • Leaders who have been leading a team without any functional training.  

  • People leaders who have been in a leadership role for at least two years (if less than 2 years, please see our Emerging Leader Program). 

  • Leaders who lead other leaders. 

What it includes:

  • 8-week program in small groups to allow for collaboration, sharing and peer learning. 

  • 6 x 1.5-hour group coaching session.

  • Access to Thriving Academy, our online learning platform. 

  • Curated activities, videos, and readings will embed learning in between sessions. 

  • Facet5 Profile - to understand your personality and your leadership style. 

  • VIA Character Strengths 24 Report – to understand your top 5 strengths. 

  • A copy of the book Thriving Leaders: Learn the Skills to Lead Confidently. 

  • Bound workbook with all activities to refer to after the program.  

Thriving Leaders Model

There are huge expectations placed upon leaders. Plus, there are many skills required to be successful. No
one style or method is best; it is about developing your own style and adapting it to each situation.

I developed the Thriving Leaders Model after working with leaders who needed to develop skills in particular
areas—areas that are backed by theory and research. I’ve been using this model for years now and I have
seen how effective it is in building leadership capability and high- performing teams. 

Thriving Leaders Model

3 Reasons Why This Program Is Different


All participants complete a Facet 5 personality assessment to understand their unique leadership style. As well as a VIA Character Strengths Report. We need to understand ourselves to effectively manage others.  


Solve real leadership challenges and practical solutions with an accredited coach and gain insights from other leaders. Implement your solutions immediately.


We record our sessions so you can watch the replay to embed the learning. 

What is involved:

Thriving Leaders has been specifically designed to teach leaders the skills required to manage others and how to build a high performing team. The program focuses on three core areas: ​

Understanding Self and Others

Here you will develop the skills to understand and articulate your authentic leadership style. We will explore how to build a high-performing team through purpose, relationships and accountability. 

Empower and Develop Team

This is where you get practical on how to deliver and receive feedback and face difficult conversations. You will build skills to empower your team by taking a coaching approach. You will make the shift from telling your team what to do to asking powerful questions so they can solve their own problems.

Connect to Purpose

The final section explores the skills you need to hold your team accountable. You will learn to provide clarity and set goals. You will learn to better understand communication and how to influence your team through clear messaging.

Working through these phases of leadership development allows you to evolve from being a great team player or technical resource to being a confident and inspirational leader. Each session will teach new skills that participants can take back to their workplace and implement immediately and embed in the team culture. Learnings from activities can be discussed in our sessions, or in between sessions in our Learning Management System, which is also a collaboration tool. Learning from leaders in other industries allows participants to understand similar and different challenges that other leaders face.

Thriving Leaders Program Group 7
TLP Group 9

The outcome of mastering these fundamental skills is a thriving and confident leader. Together, we will cover how to:

  • Improve self-awareness and understand your natural leadership style.

  • Build a high-performing team.

  • Develop your team by effectively giving and receiving feedback.

  • Empower team members by taking a coaching approach.

  • Have the confidence to hold your team members accountable, and set expectations and goals.

  • Communicate with impact through clear messaging.

Real People With Real Results

Lindsay Green

Founder and Owner

BunLee Bun & Brew

This is the first time during my career, where I have needed to be a leader and was shocked at my lack of leadership skills. The Thriving Leaders Program has worked wonders for me personally and professionally impacting my team who are now all working more effectively with a lot more effective communication. Understanding my leadership style and working on my strengths gave me the confidence to be a better, more rounded leader.  I now have a strong and happy team which I am very thankful for.

Hailey Bio photo_edited.jpg

Hailey Spry

Senior Environmental Scientist

Easterly Point Environmental

I recently completed the Thriving Leaders Program with Claire.  As an environmental scientist thrown into the leadership role, I soon come to realise that I should invest in my leadership ‘soft’ skills, just as I would invest in my technical skills. The program was full of relevant, useful and interesting content that I have already began applying.  One of the biggest wins for me was when I applied the learnings from the feedback and coaching session immediately to a performance meeting with one of my team members which allowed for an open conversation where my team member was able to articulate her goals for the future and develop a plan on her own on how to achieve them.


Jordan O'Neill


Mt Hotham Ski Resort

What I found most useful from the Thriving Leaders Program was understanding the key components of a high-performing team and then learning how to achieve these components. For example, building trust in a team and developing a unified commitment from the team.  I feel I have a tangible guide on how to improve the teams motivation and performance. Learning how to coach has enabled me to help team members grow, develop and find their own answers.  I have also been able to support my team to give and receive feedback to ensure this is a part of our culture.

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