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Developing leaders at the Coroners Court of Victoria

I am super proud of the result we accomplished for the Purposeful Leaders Program for the Coroners Court of Victoria. It was a pleasure to work with this group of leaders who support people through the hardest times in their lives, losing a loved one.

The Purposeful Leaders Program used evidence-based research combined with practical models and applications to embed learning.

There was an impressive uplift in capability seen across all leadership capabilities, these included:


  • 32% Feeling confident in leadership ability

  • 27% Feeling adequately trained and suitably skilled to be the leader my business demands

  • 25% Being aware of my leadership style and how I work with others in the team


  • 26% I readily give actionable feedback

  • 21% Actively addressing underperformance in my team


  • 23% I ask questions rather than tell (direct)

  • 19% I effectively coach my team to grow their capabilities and take on new tasks


  • 24% I am clear with team members in what I expect from them in their role

  • 20% I hold my team members accountable


  • 22% I communicate clearly with my team

High-performing teams

  • 18% The team I lead is currently high performing

Developing leaders at the Coroners Court of Victoria

Program Approach

  • Delivered a 12-month leadership program with leaders working in one cohort to build collegiality and collaboration.

  • Topics covered; Purposeful Leadership, High Performing Teams, Feedback, Coaching, Accountability, Communication, Decision Making, Resilient Leadership and Managing Change.

  • Full-day, half-day and 2-hour sessions with a mixture of face-to-face and virtual sessions.

  • Activities in between sessions to embed learning, create a sense of community and keep the momentum going.

  • Facet5, a personality profiling tool, was used to build self-awareness.

What our participants had to say

  • “I commenced the program thinking I knew a lot and left feeling as though I know the lot. Looking forward to putting my learnings into practice. Thank you Claire.”

  • “The role I am in at CCOV is my first managerial role of my career. I was excited for the opportunity but definitely felt a bit out of my depth at times. I now feel far more confident in my ability to lead quite large teams in a work environment and will continue to utilise the skills I have learned in the Purposeful Leadership Program throughout my career.”

  • “This people-centred and value-driven program equipped me with the practical tools and resources that I needed to become a more resilient, confident and judicious leader and manager. Ultimately, my participation in this program wasn't for was for the team I lead.”

Developing leaders at the Coroners Court of Victoria

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to develop the leadership capability in your organisation.

_CASE STUDY - CCOV - Purposeful Leaders Program
Download PDF • 2.98MB

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