Learn the skills to be a confident and inspiring leader.

Do your leaders have the skills needed to be confident and inspirational?


The Thriving Leaders Program teaches them how to build high performing teams so they can focus on the big picture.


3 Reasons why you will love our course

1. Participants start by doing a Facet 5 personality assessment and debrief to understand their unique leadership style.

2. They will get to solve real leadership challenges and work through to practical solution with an accredited coach and their peers

3. Nothing is pre-recorded or self-led, this is just like getting personal coaching but there is the benefit of insights from other leaders. 

Some real leaders who are thriving


"My management career has definitely improved since doing the Thriving Leaders course with Claire. Her method and strategies are easy to implement and manage and the increase in my staffs performance has been noticeable and this is the true measure of success for me. As a result my staff are communicating better, both to me and each other, and they are holding each other to account and pushing each other to do better. I would recommend working with Claire to anyone who is struggling with the step up into management."

Simon Mccarthy - Beekeeping operation

Australias Manuka

"I recently completed the Thriving Leaders Program with Claire.  As an environmental scientist thrown into the leadership role, I soon come to realise that I should invest in my leadership ‘soft’ skills, just as I would invest in my technical skills. The program was full of relevant, useful and interesting content that I have already began applying.  One of the biggest wins for me was when I applied the learnings from the feedback and coaching session immediately to a performance meeting with one of my team members which allowed for an open conversation where my team member was able to articulate her goals for the future and develop a plan on her own on how to achieve them."

Hailey Spry - Senior Environmental Scientist

Easterly Point Environmental

Hailey Bio photo.jpg

“Claire is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, I undertook a six session Leadership training course with Claire where I learned new and invaluable techniques that have helped me tremendously in my profession. I would highly recommend Claire’s services to anyone looking to hone their skills and advance their career.”

Mathew Poile - General Manager

Tweed Bait

Our 6 stage program will teach

  1. The fundamentals of building a high performing team

  2. Confidence to hold team members accountable, setting expectations and goals

  3. Empowering team members by taking a coaching approach to leadership

  4. Improving self-awareness and understanding natural leadership style

  5. Communicating with impact through clear messaging

  6. Developing your team by effectively giving and receiving feedback


The program is delivered over 8-weeks consisting of 2 hour interactive virtual group coaching sessions each week. These practical and focused training sessions are facilitated in small, intimate groups to allow for tailoring, collaboration and sharing.


Yes there is homework but that will consist of a bit of reading, continuous collaboration with the cohort via our platform (great for finding solutions) and implementing what has been learnt so that it gets embedded.

This program is not for everyone

We want everybody who comes through our program to succeed but for that to happen we need to make sure we have solutions to your problems.

In order to do this we will discuss with you where you or your team are in their leadership journey, if it sounds like you need what we have then it is a no brainer and we get you on the next course, if it is not a fit then we try our best to work out what it is that you do need and point you in the right direction.

As this training benefits from the power of the group, we really want people who are ready to learn from others and also share your experiences. Trust me, this works, even if you are a brand new leader or one that has been doing it forever, everybody has something to learn and something to teach in a group.

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