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It is extremely common for leaders to move into their roles based on their technical capability and not be given any training on how to be a leader. This program focuses on the core skills leaders need to manage their team effectively so they are high performing. This group format allows individuals or small groups to join that are not looking for a custom leadership team development package.

Course Dates

(Mondays 1-3pm)


18th July - 5th September

10th November - 28th November

Investment 3300 + GST

" a result my staff are communicating better, both to me and each other, and they are holding each other to account and pushing each other to do better..."

Simon Mccarthy - Manager of Beekeeping Operations

Australias Manuka

Top companies have realised that investing in their leaders development results in better business outcomes.

Having confident, highly developed leaders results in high performing teams which ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Linkedin reports that "only 13% of companies say they do an excellent job of developing leaders at all levels" and leadership development is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organisations worldwide, with 86 percent of companies rating it as “urgent” or “important.”


"... This course has empowered me with some great tools and skills to effectively lead and manage my team. Previously there were things I was conscious of in my leadership style and skills, but I didn't understand the psychology behind them, now it's clearer and I have a better understanding of why and how...."

Matt Barnett - Head of Sales & Marketing 

Cape Byron Distillery

3 reasons why this program is different


All participants do a Facet 5 personality assessment and debrief to understand their unique leadership style. This is critical prior to managing other personality styles.


Solve real leadership challenges and work through to practical solutions with an accredited coach and your peers. Implement your solutions immediately.


Nothing is pre-recorded or self-led, this is just like getting personal coaching but you get to benefit from the insights of the other leaders. 

“ I had no real concept of what I would be exposed to when I started this program and I can honestly say it has far exceeded my expectations. Each week I uncovered gaps in my leadership that I had not previously identified and I felt like I was provided with a clear framework and guidance to improve and evolve as a leader..."

Katie Munro  -  General Manager

Arnhem Clothing

The Thriving Leaders Program

Thriving Leaders has been specifically designed to teach leaders the skills required to manage others and how to build a high performing team.


The program focuses on three core areas:

  • Understanding Self and Others

  • Connecting to Purpose

  • Empowering and Developing Team

Working through these phases of leadership development allows you to evolve from being a great team player or technical resource to being a confident and inspirational leader.

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​Each session will teach a new skill that participants can take back to their workplace and implement immediately:

Quick Sync
  1. The fundamentals of building a high performing team

  2. Confidence to hold team members accountable, setting expectations and goals

  3. Empowering team members by taking a coaching approach to leadership

  4. Improving self-awareness and understanding natural leadership style

  5. Communicating with impact through clear messaging

  6. Developing your team by effectively giving and receiving feedback

The Thriving Leaders program is delivered over 8-weeks consisting of 2 hour interactive virtual group coaching sessions each week. These practical and focused training sessions are facilitated in small, intimate groups (limited to 8 participants) to allow for tailoring, collaboration and sharing.

The program commences with the pre-work of completing the Facet 5 Personality profile and also some readings. Pre-work should only take about 1 hour. Upon successful completion of the pre-work, the first session will be focussed on providing a detailed report on the personality style of each participant. They will then move through the 6 stages of the program over the next 6 weeks with the last week focussed on consolidation.

Each week participants will have practical take aways to practice with their teams and start the process of embedding them in the team culture. Learnings from these activities can be discussed the following week with the cohort and coach and also in the Learning Management System at any time. This engagement and learning with leaders from other industries allows participants to understand the similar and also those different challenges that other leaders face.

Real People with Real Results


"My management career has definitely improved since doing the Thriving Leaders course with Claire. Her method and strategies are easy to implement and manage and the increase in my staffs performance has been noticeable and this is the true measure of success for me. As a result my staff are communicating better, both to me and each other, and they are holding each other to account and pushing each other to do better. I would recommend working with Claire to anyone who is struggling with the step up into management."

Simon Mccarthy - Manager of Beekeeping Operations

Australias Manuka

"I recently completed the Thriving Leaders Program with Claire.  As an environmental scientist thrown into the leadership role, I soon come to realise that I should invest in my leadership ‘soft’ skills, just as I would invest in my technical skills. The program was full of relevant, useful and interesting content that I have already began applying.  One of the biggest wins for me was when I applied the learnings from the feedback and coaching session immediately to a performance meeting with one of my team members which allowed for an open conversation where my team member was able to articulate her goals for the future and develop a plan on her own on how to achieve them."

Hailey Spry - Senior Environmental Scientist

Easterly Point Environmental

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“I can share that I have learnt that there is structures to solve different problems and how important it is to give and receive feedback constantly. Everyone reacts in different ways when giving feedback, giving positive feedback more often can really change people’s attitudes. For me it was about asking the right questions, rather than offering the solutions. It is great to see people can solve their own problems. Attending the course helped me with my managing skills and I can say now that I have improved more than 50% as a manager.”

Santiago Socrate - Head Chef


“What I found most useful from the Thriving Leaders Program was understanding the key components of a high-performing team and then learning how to achieve these components. For example, building trust in a team and developing a unified commitment from the team.  I feel I have a tangible guide on how to improve the teams motivation and performance. Learning how to coach has enabled me to help team members grow, develop and find their own answers.  I have also been able to support my team to give and receive feedback to ensure this is a part of our culture.”

Jordan O'Neill - Director

Mt Hotham Ski Resort

lindsay headshot_edited.jpg

"This is the first time during my career, where I have needed to be a leader and was shocked at my lack of leadership skills. The Thriving Leaders Program has worked wonders for me personally and professionally impacting my team who are now all working more effectively with a lot more effective communication. Understanding my leadership style and working on my strengths gave me the confidence to be a better, more rounded leader.  I now have a strong and happy team which I am very thankful for."

Lindsay Green- Founder and Owner

BunLee Bun & Brew

About your Coach

Claire is passionate about building high performing teams and leadership development so you can thrive. 


Having over 600 coaching hours and being accredited with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership Claire loves working with clients as an executive, leadership, career and small business coach.


Claire is an accomplished HR consultant, coach & facilitator and has over 15 years experience in human resources, leadership & organisational development.


She has worked with small businesses and large corporates across industries including Financial Services, Professional Services, Transport, Government, FMCG, Education, NFP and Media in Australia and the UK. 


An experienced facilitator, trainer and speaker, her enthusiasm is contagious, and her playful and zestful nature makes learning fun. She is known for delivering exceptional results and her ability to build strong relationships.


Claire is known for asking provocative and challenging questions and takes a strengths-based approach to build confidence, unlock potential, and challenge limiting beliefs. She believes that we can all continue to grow and develop and has an optimistic outlook on what the future holds.

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  • Masters of Business (Human Resource Management)

  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

  • Facet5 (Personality Assessment)

  • Institute of Executive Coaching

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