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Claire Gray

Developing high performing leaders so your business can thrive

Claire Gray

Do you have leaders that are either new in the role or have never had any formal training to be a leader? Do they have issues in their team because they have not been given the tools to be an effective leader? Do they lack the confidence to build a high performing team?


They are not the first, nor are they alone. Many leaders end up in the role just because they were great at their job, but that does not mean they are going to be a great leader. When the biggest expense that most companies have is their people, it makes sense to invest in your leaders so they can build high performing teams and your business can thrive.

Claire's Programs

Claire coaches and builds individuals into high performing leaders by giving them the tools and the confidence that every successful leader needs.


Claire understands that every leader and business are at different stages so this development is delivered in a variety of formats.

TLP Group 9

Thriving Leaders Program
Small Group Coaching for Leadership Fundamentals

Click here to learn more about our 8 week course that gives you the fundamental tools to be a successful leader.

Claire Gray Facilitating

Bespoke Leadership Programs
Tailored programs to move your leaders to the next level

Click here to learn more about our tailored programs to suit your business objectives, culture and the capabilities most needed to be developed.


Thriving Teams
Programs focused on building effective teams

Click here to learn more about our team sessions that are focused on the team’s effectiveness, as this will lead to high performance and help unify the organisation to meet the strategic goals

Claire Coaching

Executive Coaching
One to one coaching to accelerate performance

Click here to learn more about  our 1:1 coaching, a great way to clarify your purpose and values and set meaningful goals towards the leader you want to be

Claire's new book - Thriving Leaders

THRIVING LEADERS Learn the Skills to Lead Confidently

Often, leaders with solid experience and technical capabilities are promoted into leadership positions. They find themselves leading a team and facing a variety of situations never previously encountered.  

This is why I decided to write this book. Time and time again, leaders come to me with a lack of confidence in their leadership abilities. I want to help change this for as many people as possible. To do this, I have compiled the leadership content, frameworks, practical tools and theory that I use every day in my Thriving Leaders Program. 

This book brings together many leadership and high-performing team theories and my own extensive experience working with leaders to bring out their best. Most importantly, this book is actionable, which means you can practise and implement the techniques in your daily life.  

By the end of this book, you will have the skills you need to lead confidently. You will  and learn how to bring out these skills in others so you can create high-performing, cohesive and engaged teams.  


Claire is trusted by

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What Claire's clients say

"Claire was like a breath of fresh air for my organisation. Claire really took the time to understand each employee and their role individually plus could also take a step back to understand the business as an entity. There were times when she went above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough for giving me the confidence to move forward with our workforce plans. Very professional outcomes and a pleasure to work with.”

— Tim Williamson,

Regional Development Australia

Free ideas and strategies to help build your leadership capability

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