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What are the top tips for an emerging leader?

It is quite common for first-time leaders to be high performers with solid technical capability in their chosen field, and this is why they have been promoted into a leadership position. However quite often they are thrust into this management role without the basic tools to help them along the way. These are my top tips to help emerging leaders to hit the ground running and to build a high performing team.

1. Understanding self: We've all had or seen leaders who have been really inspiring in our careers. However, we don't often take the time to think about how we want to lead so that we can be a more conscious leader and bring this to work every day for our people. You can do this by considering the impact of your own leadership style on the people around you and how you can bring out the best in your team, by truly understanding where your strengths lie and how you can leverage your strengths within a new team.

What are the top tips for an emerging leader?What are the top tips for an emerging leader?

2. Understanding others: Typically, one of the biggest issues that new leaders face is shifting from being part of the team to then managing and leading the team. This causes a shift in dynamics within the team because they've gone from being a mate to a manager. Leaders need to consider the different personality styles of their team and how they can get the best out of those different personality styles.

3. High performing teams: The foundational pillar to any high performing team is trust. As a leader we need to demonstrate vulnerability and build trust and genuine relationships with our team, this doesn't mean sharing your deepest darkest secrets, but it's about showing your human and empathetic side.

4. Confidence is the number one capability that leaders come to me for support. Lack of confidence is often centered around self-limiting beliefs, particularly that they don't have the tools to make effective decisions. Some key ways to build your confidence is developing the skills of an effective leader, such as holding people accountable, communicating messages clearly, providing feedback, and developing your team through coaching.

5. Nurturing a feedback culture leads to high performance. This is not just about giving feedback but having the ability to receive feedback and learning and growing by taking a growth mindset. In building a growth mindset culture in your organisation you'll always be looking for ways to improve.

6. Coaching provides a real shift for first-time leaders, it is challenging to move from providing your guidance and advice, and instead ask questions and have the intent that the individual has the answers within. This skill requires the ability to let go, challenge new thinking, and drive action.

After many years of training leaders as well as providing one on one coaching to leaders to build their leadership capability, I realised that there was an opportunity to bring the two together and build a program that people could attend where they could really build their confidence amongst other emerging leaders. This is how the Thriving Leaders Program was born. The program is focused on first-time leaders becoming more confident, by equipping them with the leadership and management skills to effectively lead a high performing team. The program is delivered in 2-hour sessions over 8 weeks. These sessions are interactive virtual coaching sessions, with practical and focused training in small, intimate groups to allow for collaboration and sharing. In between sessions participants, complete activities, curated readings, and videos to embed learnings. If you would like to join us please follow the link to the Thriving Leaders Program.


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