Become a confident leader, equipped with the leadership skills to lead a high performing team.

This program is for:


  • People who have doubt or lack the confidence in their leadership ability or decision making.

  • Managers who need to make their team accountable so they can become an inspiring leader with a thriving team.

  • Leaders who need to learn how to have difficult conversations with their team so they can focus on the big picture.


Why our program is different:


  1. You will start by doing a Facet 5 personality assessment and debrief. There is no point in trying to lead others until you understand yourself.

  2. You will get to solve your real leadership challenges and work through to practical solution with an accredited coach and your peers.

  3. Nothing is pre-recorded or self-led, this is just like getting personal coaching but you get to benefit from the insights of other leaders.

So you think this is right for you but want to know what you will learn?

  • The fundamentals of building a high performing team

  • Confidence to hold your team members accountable, setting expectations and goals

  • Empowering team members by taking a coaching approach to your leadership

  • Improving self-awareness and understanding your natural leadership style

  • Communicating with impact through clear messaging

  • Developing your team by effectively giving and receiving feedback

This program is not for everyone

We want everybody who comes through our program to succeed but for that to happen we need to make sure we have solutions to your problems.

In order to do this we will ask you some questions, there are then two possible outcomes. We will politely let you know that it is not the right fit or we find that there is a solution in this program for your needs and we can progress.

As this training benefits from the power of the group, we are only looking for people who are ready to commit to becoming a truly inspiring leader and being a team player within your cohort.

How it works


The program is delivered over 8-weeks consisting of 2 hour interactive virtual group coaching sessions each week. These practical and focused training sessions are facilitated in small, intimate groups to allow for tailoring, collaboration and sharing.


Yes you will have homework but that will consist of a bit of reading, continuous collaboration with your cohort via our platform (great for finding solutions) and implementing what you have learnt so that it gets embedded and you start you journey to being a confident and inspiring leader.

Step one of your journey.

 Send us your details so we can arrange a time to talk and find out if this program is right for you. 

Congratulations, the wheels are in motion. You will hear from us really soon.

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