Why Thriving Culture?

Updated: May 15

I clearly remember the day that I decided to start my own consultancy. We were carrying boxes into our new house and at that time I was working as a virtual coach and facilitator. I had an epiphany that I was missing working with businesses to enable their strategy through their people. When I vocalised this to my husband, his response was “So why don’t you consult to businesses then?”, and just like that the seed was planted. Within two months I had my first client and theHRpartner was born. One and a half years later, I am enormously proud to see that my business has gone from strength to strength, helping organisations identify, develop and deliver strategic people solutions to positively impact their organisations performance, engagement, efficiencies and business results.

Given my offering, I have wondered for a while if theHRpartner brand really represents what I value, what I am passionate about and whether it clearly defines my services to my clients. One Friday morning when I was walking with two friends to the Byron Bay lighthouse, we stopped for a coffee and I was introduced to a man, as a HR Consultant. His response was ‘the straw that broke the camel's back’ in terms of my brand, he put his fingers up to me in a cross and took a step back “I should stay away from you then”, then laughed in a jovial way. Sadly, many people have a negative connotation towards HR and I was no longer willing to be put into this category of ‘Human Remains’. As soon as I got home from my walk, I began BRAND storming. I wanted to create a new identity that aligned with my company values and the value that I provide to my clients, something that would showcase to others what I represent.

When I started this brainstorming mind map the words that flowed out were the things that are most important to me and my value proposition. Words like:

  • High performing teams - thriving people and organisations to be at their best

  • Purpose-led culture - values and behaviours driving decision making

  • Leadership development - feedback cultures, coaching, setting clear expectations and communication

  • Learning, growth, flourishing and potential

  • Coaching to leverage strengths, build confidence and challenge limiting beliefs

  • My authentic self - honesty, optimism, perseverance, zest

As a result of this brainstorming, the words ‘Thriving Culture’ arrived on my page, and just like that I had discovered the new brand of my business: a brand that now reflects my approach, passion, and values and that is relevant to both the organisations and the individuals who I work with. My focus is on effective leadership programs, ensuring that leadership and team building are at the core of what I share with others.

I am thrilled to take my business on this new journey and feel enormously proud to stand behind Thriving Culture. I’m also super in love with my new logo created by the very talented Lara Evans at Little L Designs. I hope this will help others to understand the purpose and core values of my organisation.

Claire Gray

Consultant, Coach & Facilitator at Thriving Culture

Claire is passionate about building high performing teams and people so that they can thrive. She is an accomplished HR Consultant, Coach & Facilitator and has over 15 years experience in Human Resources, Leadership & Organisational Development and Change Management. Claire works with businesses on their People Strategy to develop their leadership capability, embed a purpose led-culture and build a high performing team. She holds a Masters of Business (Human Resource Management), a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and is a certified Facet5 (personality assessment) practitioner. With over 500 coaching hours and an accreditation with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Claire works with clients as an Executive/ Leadership coach, career and small business coach.

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