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Are We a Team or a Group?

When working with larger teams, one of the key distinctions we often explore is the difference between a team and a group. Understanding this difference is crucial, as it significantly influences how we operate and achieve our goals.

So, what sets a team apart from a group?

Are We a Team or a Group?

A Team:

  • Shared Goals: Everyone is aligned towards common objectives. There is interdependence and collective performance and success.

  • Collective Purpose: There is a unified purpose driving every member.

  • Individual and Collective Accountability: Each person is responsible for their own tasks and the team’s overall success. Members hold each other accountable to achieve team goals. There is shared responsibility and ownership of outcomes.

  • Collaboration: Team members actively seek each other's involvement and input. Team members leverage each others strengths for problem solving and decision making.

A Group:

  • Stand-Alone Goals: Each member may have separate, individual goals. Members are generally independent in their work and responsibilities. Performance is generally measured by the sum of individual achievement rather than cohesive outcomes.

  • No Collective Purpose: There's no single, unifying purpose. They are more task driven.

  • Individual Accountability: Responsibility lies solely with the individual for their own outcomes. They are responsible for their own performance and outcomes.

  • Cooperation: Members support each other but do not necessarily engage deeply in collaborative efforts. The output is often the aggregate of individual contributions.

As leaders, gaining clarity on whether we are functioning as a team or a group is essential. This understanding shapes our approach, commitment, and ultimately, our success.

Take a moment to reflect: Are we a team or a group?

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