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In today's episode we discussed on What it takes to build a Thriving teams Part 2 and discussed tangible and practical things that you can do to build a Thriving team.

In this episode, we cover:  

  • How to build trust with your team and find out who they are 

  • Clear directions and expectations. 

  • How to hold each other accountable without the need to be driven by the leader. 

  • How to have a meaningful and purposeful reasons to connect with your team. 

  • How to manage challenge with a supportive intention for team growth. 

  • High-performance cultures that will create value, which results in excellent business outcomes. 

Where to get the book, Thriving Leaders: Learn the Skills to Lead Confidently: 

Physical: Purchase here International: Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble 

Audio: Audible & Spotify 

For all other resources: 

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