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In this episode we discuss what it takes to build a Thriving Team, including team dynamics, and we share our proven Thriving Teams model, which has been developed based on research and through leadership on high performing teams, along with my extensive experience working with teams as a Leadership and Team Coach. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • What is a high-performing team on how team members work together through strong relationship and shared accountability.  

  • The different dynamics in every team, and how they interact with each other.  

  • The fundamental components of a Thriving team.  

  • The four levels of purpose.  

  • We hear from Sandy Morrow on the success of high-performing Koala a furniture company with operations in Australia Japan and South Korea  

  • The four elements of trust to know when you are on the right path  


Where to get the book, Thriving Leaders: Learn the Skills to Lead Confidently: 

Physical: Purchase here International: Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble 

Audio: Audible & Spotify 

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