Build Skills & Deliver Outcomes 

Claire's energetic and authentic style allows her to quickly build trust and an empathetic environment, where participants feel safe to open up. This allows her to ask the challenging questions to push people out of their comfort zones.

Claire's approach allows for deep reflection, interaction and drives actionable outcomes. Claire is passionate about building capability to be effective at work and in life.

Skills Development = Achievable Outcomes

All of the programs are interactive and engaging and can be delivered fully online or face to face. Every session provides practical tools, frameworks and uses theory and evidence-based approaches. Most importantly we allow time for practice, peer learning and self-reflection. Each program that is delivered is tailored to the audience to meet the learning outcomes to enable your strategy.


Programs we have delivered include:

  • Leadership 

  • Management 

  • Coaching Capability

  • Feedback Culture

  • Resilience & Wellbeing

  • Communicating with Influence

  • Team Dynamics

  • Decision Making

Claire is a highly skilled facilitator who develops sessions based on the outcomes required. She uses her intuition and ability to read the room, to be agile and adapt to ensure that everything is said that needs to be and we can move together as a group to achieve a shared outcome.


Programs that she has facilitated include:

  • High Performing Teams 

  • Team Dynamics

  • Strategy Sessions

  • Purpose Led Culture

  • Purpose, Values and Behaviours

“Claire held a fantastic Managers/Coaching Training session for us and the leadership team of our business last year. Having performance conversations can be uncomfortable and difficult to navigate. Claire’s training gave us the practical tools and also the confidence to successfully provide effective feedback to our staff in a structured and purposeful way."

— Janelle Clarke


Jeffrey Thomas & Partners